Improve Efficiency

Reduce administrative work created by digital health platforms. Increase time with patients.

The first wave of digital health is still advancing.

The electronic medical platforms installed across Belgium have led to decreased productivity, delays in patient access, significant increases in digital “work,” and clinician fatigue.

By taking a quantitative approach to problem definition and a practical approach to problem-solving with the appropriate set of digital solutions (automation, efficiency, virtual), Forward Health partners with the key stakeholders (doctors, administrators, operations) to learn from first-wave problems in favor of second-wave transformation.

Deliver more “Outputs” with fewer “Inputs”

Medical care expenses continue to increase, placing more pressure on hospitals. Despite the financial concerns, hospitals face the difficult challenge of improving patient care and reducing wait times (managing more patients more quickly). Yet, the doctors, nurses, aides, and technicians are under enormous stress and stepping away from the pressures of care delivery.

Break the Cycle of Burden.

Practice Inefficiency and Workflow Bloat are Fueling the Cycle of Burden and Decreasing Access, Revenue, and Satisfaction.

What is driving the increase in digital health work?

  • Staffing Shortages

  • Patient Inquiries

  • Calls

  • Refills

  • Orders

  • Documentation

Break the Cycle of Burden.

Practice Inefficiency and Workflow Bloat are Fueling the Cycle of Burden and Decreasing Patient Access, Revenue, and Satisfaction.

What drives the increase in messages?

  • Staffing Misalignment

  • Patient Messages

  • Calls

  • Refills

  • Orders

  • Documentation

Data Driven Insights to Inform Clinical Operations

ClinicianPulse Improves Practice Efficiency and Throughput

ClinicianPulse Improves Practice Efficiency and Throughput

ClinicianPulse, an intuitive data visualization solution, aggregates the vast array of transactions in digital health platforms.

The solution delivers a clear, common-sense pathway to relieve the stress and strain clinicians and care teams are managing today. Digital health record platforms generate messages, activities, tasks, and alerts sent and received at a dizzying pace. ClinicianPulse quantifies the volume of messages, the workflows, and the time spent on these administrative tasks.

Deliver more services and patient care with fewer staff and resources.

  • The population (of patients) is aging.

  • Expenses are increasing.

  • The workforce is under incredible strain.
  • Burnout is high.
  • The hospitals see more patients.
  • Cost controls will be increasing.
  • Less resources in; more services out.

Digital Health Volume

Digital Health Time & Effort

Digital Health Teamwork

Introducing Forward Health Group

Forward Health Group (FHG) is a health care/medical analytics company based in Madison, Wisconsin. Established in 2009, FHG works at the intersection of clinical, financial, and operational transactional data to measure and quantify outcomes, efficiency, and cost of care. The company’s recent focus is on clinician burnout/practice efficiency.

Clinical Leadership, supported by objective data, can take the reins of the digital health platforms and drive the reengineering of digital workflows to reduce or eliminate low-value clinician activities and increase patient access and revenue.